YL Custom Link Creator

This form will allow you to create a signup link that will direct a potential signup to the new Young Living Virtual Office.


Display Name - This is an optional field, and if you use it, the tool will generate a <a> tag that you can copy directly into a blog or other media.
YL Page - This is an optional field that you can use to create a custom link to any product or public page on Young Living's web site (Virtual Office not included)


  1. Decide if you are creating a signup link or custom link to a product
  2. Copy and paste the product link into the "YL Page" box
  3. Select the membership type you want to use
  4. Enter the sponsor and enroller ID's
  5. Select the country and language
  6. Click the appropriate button to create the link
  7. Once the link is created, hit the test link to make sure it works, then copy and paste the link into what you want